Dr. Treethip Phakkeeree (Thip)

Treethip Phakkeeree have a bachelor degree in Chemistry (2006) and a master degree in Polymer Science and Technology (2009) from the Mahidol University, Thailand. After working in a company for one year and a half, she decided to continue her study with her desire to carry out research. She went to study at the Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan where she got a Japanese government scholarship (MEXT). She completed 2-year master’s course and 2.5-year doctoral course, obtaining her Doctor of Engineering in Materials and Life Science in 2017. She subsequently became a project assistant professor at the Research Strategy Promotion Center at the Kyoto Institute of Technology for 6 months. Now, she is postdoctoral researcher in the COOL laboratory at VISTEC and continue her research with new exciting aspects on polyurethane, anticorrosion, and drug delivery.