Naruphorn Dararatana (Nia)

Nia graduated with a bachelor degree from Mahidol University in Biomedical Engineering with the thesis´s topic “A cellular surface charge measurement by using ISFET”. She continued with a Master degree in Biomedical Engineering major at Mahidol University. The topic of her thesis was “Dielectrophoresis microfluidic chip for X and Y chromosome spermatozoa separation”. She was also exchange student in Kyushu University for 2 months in the Life Process Engineering and Tissue engineering Laboratory. She is now Ph.D. student under the supervision of Dr. Crespy at VISTEC. Her project is to synthesize smart materials for anticorrosion and drug-delivery.  Nia spent 6 minths in the Harvard Medical School (USA) and 6 months in the State University of Michigan (USA) in the frame of her PhD study.