Nanoarchitectonics for a Sustainable Society

Welcome to the homepage of the COOL Lab. The COOL lab is dedicated to the development of excellence in academic and industrial research in Thailand. Our objective is to train next generations of scientists from Thailand and abroad that will place Thailand as a major global player in Science.

For this, we pursue attractive research by benefiting from outstanding equipment and from the very strong motivation of our students. Nanomaterials in our laboratory are synthesized and have applications in anticorrosion coatings, self-healing materials, water and air purification, and biomedicine. We create new materials by working in the combined field of polymer chemistry and colloid science.

We also aim at finding the delicate and ideal balance between an opening of Thai society to global challenges and state of the art methods for excellent research while in the same time promoting the preservation of Thai culture and identity. 


24.03.2018 Malvern NanoSight Demonstration

A team from the DKSH Company organized a training session for the Malvern NanoSi ...

21-23.03-2018: Pook and Aor presented their work in an international conference

Aor and Pook gave a poster presentation in the conference "Polymers: Design, Fun ...

19-20.02.2018: Nia presented her work in ICP Paris 2018

Nia gave an oral presentation in the 20th International Conference on Polymer (I ...